Jaw Lifter

  • LCD Photon therapy Adjustable gear, wireless remote control operation. Improve face muscle fiber elasticity, activate collagen activity, and tighten skin. Make face skin enjoy a different SPA massage. Suitable for masseter muscle hypertrophy, fat accumulation, frontal muscle enlargement, muscle relaxation, spot skin.
  • Multiple light sources Layered penetration, tender skin and activate muscle bottom, red light at 625nm, promote blood circulation; 470nm blue light stimulates collagen; Red and blue light combine to lift and tighten the skin.
  • Blue light irradiation Cleaning and tender skin, protect skin, strengthen skin absorption, repair, balances skin oil, whiten and lighten spots, tender skin, eliminate wrinkles, and shrink pores.
  • Red light irradiation Skin repair, improve the activity of skin cells, promote metabolism, promote blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity, anti‑aging, anti‑oxidation.
  • Light body + fitting designs Comfortable and wonderful using experience. Small and lovely, can fold storage, easy to carry. Wireless operation is free and convenient, and the skin caring can be carried out anytime and anywhere. Suitable for riming outline, V-face modeling, low-frequency magnetic therapy, swelling elimination, photon rejuvenation.