Curved Massager

  • Three Light Mode : Green Light ( Middle-Speed Mode) Heating. middle vibration sense, the temperature is 50 degrees with 5 degree plus of minutes. Vibration frequency:950Otimes/minute. Green light can improve cells oxygen, According to alternate function, promote body stomach circulation, dredge lymphoid and edema, and also has the effect of calming skin with equilibrium and stability.
  • Blue Light (Low-Speed Mode) Normal temperature, low Vibration sense. Vibration frequency:6200 times/minute. Blue light is coldest light, it can promote the combination of albumen and abietene, Activate skin, Tighten loose skin, Shrink pore, Extremely improve oily and sensitive skin.
  • Red Light ( High-Speed Mode)Heating. high vibration sense, Vibration frequency:12500 times/minute, Red light make cell viability enhance, Accelerate blood circulation, Promote fiber cell nucleus collagen has obvious effect to smooth line wrinkles and wrinkles ,Firm skin, Fade out melanin and scar and so on.
  • Dolphin tail type, Double Chin Removal, Lymphatic Drainage, Lead in nutrition Arc-shaped cling to neck and body line. Seamless massage and energy send to every inch neck skin.
  • Neck lifting, Skin tighten, Three sound vibration mode Anti Remove Wrinkle, Keep healthy and young beauty, Model memory function USB wire charging, safe and environmental