Huryl 1.0

Huryl 1.0

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How does this technology work?
Phototherapy or light therapy is a method that uses a projection of LED light on your skin. It does not produce heat, but waves that allow the skin cells to react. This method is totally painless and has no side effects. It is a gentle technique with considerable benefits for the skin. Whether you are looking to treat your acne-prone skin, fight the signs of aging or treat hyperpigmentation.

7 very effective color modes!

1. Violet LED(420 NM): Redness, Rosacea, Eczema and acne scars.
2. Blue LED (470 NM): Fights bacteria, Inflammation, Acne, Blackheads and pimples.
3. Cyan LED(500 NM): Excess sebum, Refines skin texture, Acne.
4. Green LED (550 NM): Brightening of the complexion, Brown spots, Hyperpigmentation.
5. Yellow LED(580 NM): Wrinkles, Redness, Dark circles, Cellular oxygen exchange.
6. Red LED (660 NM): Scars, Enlarged pores, Skin firmness.
7. White LED: Fights against stress, Fatigue, Smoothes the skin, Reduces age spots.
Steps to use Huryl!
The use of the mask does not require any preparation beforehand, just a clean, dry and perfectly cleansed skin. For maximum effectiveness, use the mask 3 to 5 times a week for 15 to 30 minutes.

1. Connect the mask to the power supply
2. Use the remote control to set the color and length of treatment you want
3. Position the mask on your face and neck
4. Enjoy the moment

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