LED Massager

  • 5 Modes-----5 in 1 Beauty Device Facial Massager with 5 modes to solve all your skin problems. Use Clean mode, Cool mode, EMS Lifting mode, Moisturizing mode and Collagen synthesis to give your skin a spa!
  • EMS Microcurrent Technology-----The current penetrates subcutaneous tissue to reach muscle. It speed up collagen metabolism and regeneration, and helps to repair elastic fiber and corneous layer tissue, thus stretch and fade wrinkles.
  • Safe-----Anti-allergy panel with large touch area and ABS handle. More skin-friendly and safe using, red-ray and blue-ray. Dry skin or oily skin? We can handle both
  • Easy Operation-----Red & Blue Lights Device with large LCD screen, more readable display comes with a base, easy to store. You can use it anywhere anytime


5 Mode To solve all skin problems

1.Clean mode: Open pores and remove pore dirt

2.Cool mode: Shrink pores, tighten skin

3.EMS Lifting mode: Stimulate muscle cells and repair wrinkles

4.Moisturizing mode: Promote nutrient absorption, lifting and tightening

5.Collagen Synthesis mode: Lock skin nutrition, synthesize collagen